Clappr Player - 100% ad and backlink free!
The Clappr Player is a free and open source web player written in HTML5 and CSS.

Embed the player code into your HTML document inside the <body> </body> tags as illistrated below...


Player is set to be responsive and 100% width.
You can place the code inside of a DIV and add you custom height/width there

<div style="width:500px; height:500px;">

Free M3U8 Player Generator

Use the free My TV Studio M3U8 Player Generator with copy/paste code, Google Chrome Cast, color choice and more. Player is

M3U8 or HLS Url

Stream Title

Sub Title

Buttons Color

Seekbar Color

Auto Play

(Enabling autoplay will mute the volume in most browsers)

Video Player Generator

Free M3U8 Media Player Generator

Build your custom HTML player in seconds! An M3U8 file is actually a playlist used by both video and audio players and stores the Url of the audio or video feed.
Includes complete installation instructions on how to embed on your website. Player includes volume control, mute button, play/stop and Chrome Cast to send the station to your main TV.