Instant Broadcasting Solutions

Publish your own online tv station and be broadcasting in minutes!
All packages include instant setup, unlimited bandwidth and Youtube downloader + converter. No hidden fees or overage charges. New installations, upgrades and downgrades are all fully automated and instant.
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Upload your own videos or use the built in Youtube Downloader + Converter and schedule your playlists just like the big tv station networks.
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Broadcast Live

Instantly cut into normal programming for breaking news or live on the scene reporting .
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Url Branding

Give your M3U8 and streaming links the professional look with your own custom Url branding.
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Watch MY TV Studio Live!

View one of the MY TV Studio live streams in high quality. Works in any modern browser and includes both RTMP and M3U8 and pre built player Urls for each station. M3u8 is the most commonly used formats for streaming video and will easily integrate into your website or project.

Get your own TV Player for your Website with Chrome cast built in! The My TV Studio Player Generator is a free and easy solution to a website media player designed for the web.
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Pricing Plan

Choose your plan

TV 10 $15.00 / Month

  • 10GB Storage Space
  • 1152Kbs Kbs High Quality
  • 10 Viewers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Instant Setup

TV 25 $25.00 / Month

  • 25GB Storage Space
  • 1152Kbs Kbs High Quality
  • 25 Viewers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Instant Setup

TV 50 $40.00 / Month

  • 50GB Storage Space
  • 1152Kbs Kbs High Quality
  • 50 Viewers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Instant Setup

TV 100 $60.00 / Month

  • 100GB Storage Space
  • 1152Kbs Kbs High Quality
  • 100 Viewers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Instant Setup
Instant Setup

Start your own
TV Station

Launching your own TV station or video streaming service takes just minutes
Stream to all major social networks using RTMP
Instant Setup
Your new station will be ready to begin broadcasting and set up instantly after payment.
Unlimited Bandwidth
All of My TV Studio TV Station packages include unlimited premium bandwidth..
Youtube Downloaded
The special Youtube Downloader utility will automatically convert any Youtune Url into the correct format.
Social Relays
Broadcast live to all of the major social networks live Facebook & Youtube.

Stream your content restriction and worry free!

End Youtube other social networks bans and content restrictions for good!
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  • Can I live stream?
    Yes! Using common Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iPhone applications you can qucikly switch from regular programming to your live stream. My TV Station uses the standard rtmp (real-time messaging protocol) to connect and stream. Learn how to live stream using the free OBS software for Windows/Max/Linux
  • But I don't have any videos?
    No Content? No Problem! The built in Youtube utility will automatically download and convert any Youtube Url. After the conversion is complete (takes just seconds), you'll be able to move the file into a playlist which you can either schedule or set to run non stop.
  • Am I allowed to stream porn?
    Yes but be advised we constantly monitor streams and if we find any content that violates any laws in the USA, you will be immediately terminated.

    If you upload or stream any type of child porn, anything even close, we will report you to the FBI immediately.

  • Flexible pricing with room to grow
    All of My TV Studio packages allows for upgrades and downgrades which would be prorated depending on your billing cycle.
    Also included and highly recommended, Url branding is where you as a domain name owner sets up a DNS record pointed to our servers IP address. This will result in fully branded player and RMTP Urls (ie
    This Url branding method not only gives your station a more custom look, it also allows you to move your station panel and files easily to bigger dedicated cloud or bare metal dedicatd streaming servers which can support 1,000's of viewers and without the need to change your player links and feeds.

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